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Frequently Asked Questions 

What happens at the first appointment? 

In your first appointment our Physiotherapy will start by taking some of your details including any relevant medical information. An assessment will be carried out of your injury and then hands on treatment will be given. The Physio will advise you on aftercare and recommend home exercises. This appointment and any follow-up appointments last around 30 minutes each. 


What should I wear to my appointment?

Your clothing should be comfortable and not restrict any of your movements during your appointment. The area of your injury should be accessible and for the first appointment it’s best for it to be visible so the Physiotherapy can assess any changes in the look of the injured area. We recommend for treatment of the leg area you wear/bring shorts, for the back a loose t-shirt that can be rolled up or neck area a vest top. 


Do you accept health insurance?

Yes we accept health insurance including AXA, IPRS and BUPA. We can also provide a printed receipt as we know some patients have healthcare plans or their workplaces who will help cover the cost.


Do I need to be referred to make an appointment?

No, to make an appointment just simply get in touch so a member of our admin team can arrange one for you. If you’re using health insurance please contact your provider first.


Do I need to bring anything with me?

If you have had any scans such as an x-ray or MRI relating to your injury please bring this to the appointment. You may want to bring a list of any medications you take if you struggle remembering the names. Also, a change of clothes if needed, such as a pair of shorts if you are having treatment on your legs. 

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Sedgefield Physiotherapy Practice
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Co Durham
TS21 3BS
T: (01740) 629501


Belmont Physiotherapy Practice
5 Blue House Buildings
T: (0191) 4472500

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